Open positions in our group ( 08/09/2021)

1) Post-doctoral fellow (1) : The focus of the position is to develop new tools in metabolic bioinformatics, chemical text mining, metabolic networks, computational metabolomics and biostatistics for exposome research. Strong skills in R are required. To apply, please send a two-page summary of your selected 2-3 first author papers to dinesh.barupal@mssm.edu .

2) Bioinformatics programmer (1) :

Expectations : According to the three research themes of the group - the applicant is expected to :

  1. develop databases from tabular data matrices

  2. build secured web-interfaces for analyzing and visualizing information in those databases

  3. maintain the code-base in the group

  4. maintain physical and cloud servers in the group

  5. maintain a kubernetes cluster for docker containers

  6. work collaboratively with researchers in the group

  7. write manuscripts and technical reports

  8. generate standardized reports by integrating API results

Minimum educational requirements : Bachelor degree in an informatics related fields with 1-2 years minimum experience in developing computational resources.

Skill needed : JavaScript, AngularJS, Python, Bootstrap, NodeJS, Nginx/Apache, D3/Plotly, Docker, Linux

How to apply : Create a single PDF of your CV, reference names, Github repository address and a 300 words paragraph on your past experiences and projects. Email the PDF to dinesh.barupal@mssm.edu